For more than a generation, families and friends have been going to The Old Spaghetti Factory to enjoy its delicious food, charming atmosphere and friendly service. The company invites patrons to dine among old world antiques collected from around the world, while savoring perfectly cooked pasta and spaghetti sauces, freshly made using only the finest ingredients. The company is dedicated to providing a relaxing, enjoyable, memorable and satisfying dining experience in warm surroundings that will not cost a lot of money.




Chicken Penne


This Old Spaghetti Factory dish has slices of chicken breast with Marinara and Alfredo Sauces over penne noodles topped with shredded Romano cheese.  This one is easy.  Cook your pasta.  Grill chicken breasts on a grill pan or George Foreman indoor grill.  Heat a bowl of jarred spaghetti sauce and a bowl of jarred alfredo sauce in the microwave.  Build the plate according to the picture above.

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